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It's Time For Time Management

Time Management
Typical planning day for Mental Performance Coach, Gladine Frasso

Scouting Report: The Time Management skill set is one’s ability to use their time and energy in the most effective way by being able to prepare, prioritize and organize.

Time Management – Something athletes, coaches and parents do not talk about enough. Why do you need it? Why it is important and how do you do it? Time management is important to reach your goals and achieve Peak Performance. Without it, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, burned out and not have enough energy to complete the important things. The more organized and automated your day is the more self-discipline, energy, and focus you have to direct toward the most important things (from getting your homework done, spending time with family, competing, or working out).

You may not have great time management skills because you fail to see the big picture and plan ahead. You should be able to look at all of your games, practices, school projects, family gatherings, etc. and mark them down on your calendar so you are aware when they are coming up and due. You also need to schedule how much time it will take you to do the task. For example, if practic