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Don't Play The Blame Game

There are quite a few games to be played out there, but the Blame Game should not be one of them. What is the blame game? Simply put, it is blaming everything and everyone else around you instead of taking accountability for your actions or certain events that happen in your life. We cannot control everything, but we can control our actions and how we respond to certain events. I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes - “when you’re pointing your finger at someone else, remember there’s always three pointing right back at you.” In other words, before you start blaming others, check yourself first.

Are you someone who usually blame others for your failures or poor performances? Nothing is ever your fault and the answer to your failures involves everything and everyone except yourself. Do you find yourself blaming your coach because of your lack of playing time? Do you tell your family and friends things like “well the Coach hates me, that’s why I am not getting the playing time I should be getting?” I will admit, there are coaches who hold petty grudges, but that is such a small percentage. Is it possible that the reason you’re not getting the playing time you think you deserve is because your work ethic is not where it needs to be? Your physical skill level may be off the charts but are you the type of player your teammates can trust and rely on. Are you trying to be the best on the team instead of doing what is best for the team? Is it possible that even though your physical skill level is unmatched, your attitude stinks