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Mental Game Coaching

Individual coaching is offered face to face (Richmond, VA area only) or video conference such as Skype, ooVoo, Google Hangout, etc.


 There are several affordable packages that you may select from:

  • Free Throw

  • Lay-Up

  • Jump Shot

  • Slam Dunk


Before your session begins, I will send you a Athlete's Mental Aptitude Profile (A.M.A.P.) Assessment. The assessment will give me a quick snapshot of what your current obstacles are. When your assessment is received, both you and I will determine the best time to start your sessions.


During your first session, I will discuss your answers to your 

assessment with you and by the end of the first session you will be provided with a game plan to help you conquer your mental game goals!


All sessions are 60 minutes long and sessions are normally once 

per week.


Contact me now to schedule your free 15 minute consultation

Mental Game Coaching

Not only do I work with individuals but I also work with teams. If you are looking for a great, well-motivated Certified Mental Game Coach to work with your team, I am the right coach for your team.


As soon as you contact me we will discuss your team needs and I will send you a Team Cohesion Aptitude Profile (TCAP) Assessment. My Team Mental Game Coaching Program will help improve your team’s motivation, confidence, competitiveness, cohesion, attitude and focus. Your team will tell me their goals and with their completed TCAP I will create a customized program for your team. I will teach your team Mental Game strategies, provide them with tools that they can use daily and/or before competition. I know what it is like to play on a team, MULTIPLE personalities needing to come together to accomplishONE goal. Even with my personal story telling I can teach your team the importance of Mental Game Coaching.


Your team is looking to become mentally tough, and I am a Mental Game Toughness Coach looking to help your team. Contact me now for a free consultation!


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