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Improving the Mental Game of Athletes & Maximizing Game Performance.






Athletes who use mental strength training often report rapid improvement, not only in performance but in general mental attitude and the ability to respond easier to changing situations.  


Are you looking to gain confidence?

Do you want to avoid the dreaded choke during games?

Do you want to get in a zone and stay in a zone when competing?

Are there any mental blocks that are preventing you from reaching your peak performance?

Are you having trouble playing consistently?


If any of these questions sound similar to your situation then you need an effective mental game coach like myself. Through effective assessments and communications skills I will be able to help you gain confidence, stay motivated, improve your focus, and maximize game performance. I will not only help you set personal goals, but I will also help you effectively achieve your goals. The goal of mental game coaching is to help athletes perform their best by improving the necessary mental skills to excel in their sport. Working alongside my clients I develop a strong client-coach relationship that helps  with their progress. They know someone is rooting for them to succeed.


Let me help you reach your peak performance.

I Am Mentally Tough
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About Gladine


My name is Gladine Frasso and I am a Certified Mental Toughness Coach and Keynote Speaker. I work with athletes, coaches and parents to help them navigate the obstacles and pitfalls that basketball athletes face. I provide methods and strategies needed for high peak performances that top champions possess. Athletes come to me to gain confidence in their sport, reduce the fear of failure, learn how to get into the zone and stay in the zone.


Not only am I a Mental Game Toughness Specialist but I also act as a teacher, a motivator and a mentor that athletes can trust and work with.​ From personal experience, I know how difficult it is to balance life as an athlete. The pressure can be overwhelming. 

I played basketball at Schuylkill Valley High School where I started as a Freshman and instantly became an outstanding player.

I was a 1,000+ point scorer, All State 2nd Team, County Player of the year and currently in the top 3 in most points scored in SVHS history. I was recruited by several colleges to play basketball such as Hofstra, Bucknell, and St. Bonaventure. I decided to stay close to home and play at Millersville University. There I was also an outstanding player scoring over 1000+ points, winning team MVP awards, several PSAC awards and in the top 11 in all time scoring list. After Millersville I played semi-pro for two years before calling it quits to work in my field as an Environmental Health & Safety Professional, coach girls basketball and study sports psychology. Today, I work towards bringing other athletes the knowledge and experience to become better atheletes overall. I'm here to get to know my clients and guide them through the process of growth and development as an athlete.

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"My senior year in high school I felt like I was at a low spot and felt like I didn’t want to play the game of basketball anymore. I was putting in a lot of hard work every day even on my off days I was working to make myself a better player,  and I wasn’t getting the playing time I deserved. At that point I really didn’t care to play I started to break down mentally to a point I started to get into my own head over thinking little things such as making a layup.

My high school coach decided to get me a mental game coach which was coach G. She helped me understand that hard work will pay off I just needed to keep working hard and that I should never go in a game with a negative thought on my mind of what happened last game.

Coach G still until this day help me through college. I remember my freshman year I was having a rough time splitting with my twin because we went to different colleges, and how I my teammates were treating me, it started to affect me mentally and I started back over with missing layups, overthinking, thinking that I had to do everything right and still thinking about the last game.

But Coach G helped me through that rough time also and now I have ways to calm myself down and that not everything I do is going to be perfect or right, and to let go of the last game because dwelling on to the past is not going to help me in the future. I’m doing great now I’m a starter for Coastal Carolina and getting great playing time, I still have my moments when basketball gets hard but Coach G is always a phone call away to help me through it."


-  Janae C., Basketball Player || Coastal Carolina College (Conway, SC)


"Our high school team was very talented but very flawed. They didn’t know how to play together. There were some players who were very talented but didn’t trust their teammates and we had some who didn’t know how to share the ball as they should. Each loss that we received was not because a team was that much better than us, we were just beating up ourselves and not fully listening to the coaches who were there to guide them.  Gladine came down and spoke to our girls. She was able to build their confidence, show ways as to why / how they should trust each other and gave positive examples as to what it meant to be teammates/ sisters. Each game our players began to play as one unit rather than individuals and they also became closer. That same group of girls who were 5-15 one season went 19-5 the season after."

- Ashley G. Former Assistant Coach ||  Reading HS (Reading, PA)


"When I was in 12th grade I felt  like giving up. I didn’t want to play basketball anymore and I felt like everything I did playing basketball wasn’t going my way.  I was going through a rough time mentally. Then I met Coach G. she helped get through my thoughts and still is helping me get through college.
Thanks you so much Coach G"

                     -Janeen C., Basketball Player || Coastal Carolina College (Conway, SC)


"I had the ideas and motivation for my career but lacked  a sense of direction, Gladine has helped get me on the right path by working with me step by step to not only set short and long term goals for myself but to achieve them. Another thing we worked on was my call to action, many times I have these ideas and things that needed to be done but I was simply letting the opportunity slip through my hands just off of the fact I wasn't going the extra mile, that’s when we came up with the slogan “Go above and beyond” this helped remind me to complete everyday task and realize that in order for me to reach my long term goals I have to handle the small term/everyday goals"


- Nathaniel S., Music Artist ||  (Leesport, PA)


"My son was in need of improving his basketball skills. Having Gladine St. Julien work with him has been a great experience. She is professional, knowledgeable and provides organized quality instruction at an affordable fee. She always encouraged personal feedback to ensure my son was getting what he needed at each lesson. Besides giving lessons, she has helped my son in improving his personal confidence in his abilities and about being assertive. We were disappointed to find out she was moving her program out of the state. We wish our son could have worked with her more. We are not sure how we can replace her!! We wish her all the best and are confident she will do well!"


- Rose, mother of Issac H. || Schuylkill Valley Highschool. (Leesport, PA)



"My daughter, Gina, began working with Gladine St. Julien because she needed to improve offensively and become more competitive going into middle school. Gladine was the answer for us!  Gladine provided individual workouts tailored to Gina's specific needs.  Per my request, Gladine focused on shooting, ball handling and offensive moves.  Each workout was intense and fun.  My daughter looked forward to each session, and her skills continued to develop.  As she improved technically, she gained confidence and began to transform into a true competitor.  My daughter and I were both very pleased with the results.  Gladine is a fantastic coach, and we will miss working out with her."

-  Melissa P. mother of Gina F. || Governor Miflin HS (Muhlenburg,PA)


"I feel compelled to give a testimony about my daughter's experience working under Gladine. She developed in my daughter a sense of confidence on and off the court that I completely contribute to her basketball I.Q. Her shooting drills and fundamental workouts were only the beginning of her transition from a scared little girl into a leader that her teammates trust and look up to. Gladine was very influential in provoking dedication and determination in my daughter that she lacked prior to our sessions. Gladine does this from the heart and her love of the sport. Her more than reasonable fees reflected this. I was so looking forward to more workouts for my daughter, and was saddened to hear Gladine was moving her program out of state. I wish her the best and know she and the program will excel!!!"."

-  Darin T. father of Dejah T. || Berks Catholoic (Reading,PA)



I. AM.




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